High-speed tubular strander SRW

SKET Verseilmaschinenbau GmbH has many years of experience in the manufacture of high-speed tubular and skip stranding machines. The continuous development of SKET stranding machines and the enhancement of the range through optimization of the various machine assemblies in relation to one another have resulted in a significant increase in the applications for which they can be used. In addition to traditional areas of application in the electric cable and wire rope industries SKET also supplies such machines for the manufacture of OPGW and fibre optic submarine cables.

Optimum tube design and manufacturing methods, the use of encircling bearings and modern bobbin drive and wire tension control systems guarantee, through their consistency and reliability, first class machine systems and excellent strand quality.

a short video of a SRW 24×315 + 1×630 bull head machine which has already been delivered



Type SRW

  • stranding of Al, Cu, steel and Aldrey wires
  • closing of strands made from the above materials
  • manufacture of OPGW and fibre optic submarine cables
  • stranding of plastic or rubber insulated conductors
  • armouring of cables

Machine Description

Type SRW

SKET high-speed tubular stranding machines are characterised by:

  • optimum tube design
  • special bull head arrangements
  • unitised tandem construction
  • use of encircling bearings with centralized lubrication and temperature monitoring
  • modern bobbin braking and bobbin drive systems to ensure constant tension in the wire
  • fill-factor controlled friction brakes
  • fill-factor controlled hysteresis brakes
  • tension controlled, fill-factor controlled drives for each bobbin with tension recorder
  • optimised wire guides to suit varying wire, strand or tube materials
  • infinitely variable lay lengths through the use of separate assembly drive technology (AC and DC technology)
  • 6 to 36 bobbins
  • machine bobbin flange diameters 200-1000 mm (as standard)

Machine Components

  • pay-offs and take-ups, both stationary and traversing
  • pancake and container pay-offs, driven, dancer controlled or fill-factor controlled
  • machine bobbin sizes to requirement
  • pre-form heads for a wide range of production requirements
  • manually or electrically adjustable die stands
  • haul-offs
    • double capstan haul-offs with grooved capstans
    • band type haul-offs with integral tension measurement single capstan haul-offs with manual or electrical fleeting ring adjustment
  • accessories and auxiliary equipment
    • lubricators
    • postformers
    • bobbin loading systems

Automation Technology

  • individual assembly drives in variable-speed DC and AC technology
  • synchronisation via speed or angular positional control or motive and tension control
  • maintenance of product determined quality parameters under all operating conditions, achieved through controlled braking even when the electrical supply is lost (AC technology)
  • programmable computerised control and operation through a monitoring screen facilitates fully automatic process control, operation and process monitoring, programme administration, production data recording and collating, service functions and maintenance
  • in-house electrical design and technology based software development