Apr 2015 – SKET supplies one of the largest manufacturers of steel wire rope in Eastern Europe with the most up-to-date stranding technology for the production of elevator ropes

Last year, one of the largest producers of steel wire rope in Eastern Europe ordered stranding machine technology from SKET for the manufacture of elevator ropes. Now, in the middle of March 2015, SKET has already been able to successfully present the machine, a high-speed tubular stranding machine Type SRW 1+8×800, to the customer for acceptance in our Magdeurg works. Subsequently the equipment has been dimantled and despatched by road transport.

The machine, belonging to the SRW 800 range, is fitted with state of the art stranding technology to enable it to produce, amongst other products, elevator ropes of the highest quality. In addition to being fitted with the most up-to-date electronic control currently available on the market, it is supplied with a system which senses and sets the tension in the strand and a device which stretches the finished elevator ropes. With this stretching device it is possible to minimize the subsequent stretching of the rope when in operation under load and so to keep maintenance to a minimum. The machine is suitable for the manufacture of ropes in a 1+8 strand construction and having a maximum diameter of 33 mm. The supply includes a number of technology related assemblies including, amongst others, pre- and post-formers, calibration and lubricating equipment.


The machine operator belongs to the traditional customer base of SKET Verseilmaschinenbau GmbH in Magdeburg and already operates a large number of SKET branded steel wire rope production systems.