Aug 2015 – Production continues at full stretch in spite of the holiday season peak

As we all know, the summer months of July and August are the “holiday months” in Germany. And it is quite natural that the majority of SKET Verseilmaschinenbau GmbH’s employees want to take their well deserved summer leave during this time. Precise production planning and the willingness to compromise by both the company and its staff are essential elements as the holidays approach. For our first priority and foremost in our thoughts is the delivery on time of our customer contracts, which is not always easy to achieve.

This year, during this period, SKET will be delivering, along with other equipment, a Central Strander type MKZS (1+6)+12+18+24×100 to an Egyptian cable manufacturer, a high-speed tubular stranding machine type SRW 36×560 to an important wire rope manufacturer in Switzerland and a stretching unit for a Korean rope manufacturer. With this stretching unit, which is designed around two double-capstan haul-offs with capstan diameters of 1800 mm, synthetic ropes having a diameter of up to 300 mm can be stretch relieved in a controlled and defined fashion during the production process. The maximum stretching pull which can be applied is 250 kN.

Works photograph of the stretching unit during final assembly at SKET

And in the month August these will be followed by further high-speed tubular stranding machines type SRW 315 and a double-twist bunching machine type MSDN 630. All hands will be mobilized to ensure that these machines too are despatched on time. It should be added that a number of our company personnel are also working with our customers over this period to install and commission machines already supplied in respect of a number of large projects with several of our customers.