Aug 2018 – Successful Handover to Hengtong Submarine Power Cable Co., Ltd of SKET machinery

In June 2018, SKET Verseilmaschinenbau GmbH handed over 2 machines for Hengtong Submarine Power Cable Co., Ltd located in Changshu / China.

After successful installation and commissioning of a Vertical Stranding Line and an Armoring line, the final acceptance was signed by Manager Mr. Qian Zhikang and Production Manager Mr. Pan Wenlin after qualified production of 27km High Voltage Offshore Power Cable (220kV, 3×500 mm², XLPE insulated).

The complete project was realized in less than 2 years with mutual efforts and cooperation from Hengtong and SKET staff. SKET’s unique technology for units like bearing concept turntable, taping units, bitumen units etc., have been proven by this extra-long cable manufacturing.

SKET is also supplier of the conductor making Rigid Strander machine, as the 500mm² copper conductor needed to be produced in extraordinary length.

As Hengtong Submarine Power Cable Co., Ltd is China’s first cable manufacturer with SKET offshore machinery, this project can be seen as a milestone of SKET’s activities in Asia.
The production of High Voltage Offshore Power cable is one of the key markets for cable manufacturers in China and is supported by continuous growing demand for this technology.

For Hengtong Submarine Power Cable Co., Ltd this is the first time ever to produce such a long Offshore Power Cable without any joints, which is a big success for all parties in this project.