Dec 2015 – SKET- Cage Type Stranding Machines fully and successfully in operation

The large, heavy duty cage-type stranding machines supplied by SKET Verseilmaschinenbau GmbH in recent times for the manufacture of special steel wire ropes for highly specialised applications are now demonstrating their output efficiency on a daily production basis. Today we take pleasure in drawing your attention to the achievement of two high points in the production of steel wire ropes in Europe and Asia and, in linking them, documenting them photographically.In 2012 the Korean company “KISWIRE” set up their new “Neptune 2” production unit where, amongst other machines, they installed two stranding machines from the SKET range. For more than three years now, a high-speed tubular stranding machine type SRW 1+48×800, producing steel wire strand, and a cage-type closing machine type MKVS 1+8×2700, used to close steel wire rope, have been in full production. To the best of our knowledge, this high-speed tubular stranding machine is the longest such machine operating anywhere in the world to date.

In January this year KISWIRE produced the largest rope in the company’s history and, as such, one of the biggest ropes ever produced in Asia. This special rope has a diameter of 172 mm and a length of more than 900 m.

with KISWIRE Manager Jack Kim, Handok Manager Young M. Kim and SKET Sales Manager Michael Mösken

It is no secret that ropes in this size range are also produced in Europe and once again SKET is involved in the supply of the associated equipment. This is the case with BRIDON in England which purchased a similarly long high-speed tubular stranding machine from the SRW 680 range along with the, at this time, largest cage-type closing machine in the world, a machine type MKVS 1+16×2300+8×2700 from SKET. And now the same is true of Messrs Brunton Shaw in England.

Bruton Shaw ordered from SKET a cage-type wire rope closing machine type MKVS 1+16×2000+8×2300 and this year produced a rope with a weight of approximately 270 t. The following photograph shows the SKET take-up supplied with the machine with drum dimensions of 4,800 mm diameter, 8,500 mm width and weight 293 tonnes.