Dec 2021 – SKET has had a good delivery year

This year, SKET Verseilmaschinenbau delivered 15 machines, orders from different industries and from different markets around the world. Among others machines for cable and rope manufacture went to Russia, Mexico, the USA, Egypt, Turkey and Switzerland.

It is a fundamental philosophy of ours, that every machine is set up and completely wired by us. The machine is released for shipment, preferably as part of a test distribution together with the customer. Afterwards the machine is dismantled for transport by ship or truck and transported to the customer. We are not afraid of the costs for this, especially in view of the possible savings in assembly time on site at the customer but also due to fewer complaints during installation.

In addition to the many, sometimes larger, spare parts orders and following the strict Corona restrictions, this is a good year for us on the balance sheet.

We can already say today that the next year will be a great challenge for our company. Several major projects in the cable and rope sector have been requested and are negotiated. Special machines have already been contractually agreed. Despite the tense delivery situation in the machine and electrical components sector, we try everything possible to achieve delivery times in accordance with the contract.