May 2015 – Switzerland is famous not only for its banking system and its delicious chocolate …

Everybody is talking about Switzerland, not only because of its banking system and its Alpine milk chocolate. Machinery and equipment and numerous other industrial goods “Made in Switzerland” enjoy a first class international reputation. Amongst these are cables and wire ropes manufactured in Switzerland; in particular wire ropes, in which we so often entrust our lives in lifts and elevators,mountain railways and ski lifts and which must cope with the most stringent of demands, are produced to the highest quality levels by a number of companies in Switzerland. And SKET Verseilmaschinenbau GmbH in Magdeburg also plays a role in the meeting of these demands.

For decades now there has been a very close business relationship with the Swiss wire rope industry which has purchased a number of machines from SKET. And this year too SKET has supplied the wire rope works in Birr and Romanshorn with a variety of high-speed tubular stranding machines. One of these is a 36-bobbin machine type SRW 560. And the company located in Birr recently ordered an 18-bobbin tubular stranding machine for the manufacture of a special elevator rope.

For some years now the Swiss company’s daughter concern in the USA has also been producing elevator ropes on double twist bunching machines and high-speed stranding machines supplied by SKET in a variety of sizes.