Nov 2020 – SKET delivers a fast double twist stranding machine for the production of ropes

In December 2020, SKET will deliver a new double twist stranding machine of the type MSDN 630 / 7xOD315 (B60) to a well-known European steel rope manufacturer. This stranding machine can twist 7 steel wire strands into a rope at high stranding speeds with very constant strand tensions.
The completely prefabricated strands are guided to the stranding point from the back twisted pay-offs without changing their geometry due to their rotation, even in the double-lay stranding machine. The machine can produce ordinary lay as well as lang lay ropes.
The machine guarantees almost 100% higher productivity compared to a traditional tubular stranding machine.
Before the customer receives the machine, it will be installed in our company, fully commissioned and checked by means of a test stranding with stranded material in the presence of the customer.

Some technical parameters of the machine:

  • Maximum twists per minute: 3000 min-1
  • Maximum line speed: 100 m/min
  • Stranded materials: steel wire strands
  • Maximum rope diameter: approx. 6,0 mm
  • Required space: 15 m x 4 m

Special features of the machine:

  • High efficiency due to the production of the rope using the double twist process
  • Extremely constant braking forces of the unwinding strands due to:
    • Dancer control with pulley principle on the spool frame of the stranded spools
    • externally arranged strand tension measuring device for each strand with a display on the control panel
    • straight strand guidance to the stranding point
    • bow-free guidance of the strands in the rotating pay-offs and of the rope in the stranding machine
  • Optimal operation and production data acquisition thanks to a newly developed touch control panel from SIEMENS

If we have made you curious about the machine, we would be happy to invite you to visit SKET Verseilmaschinenbau GmbH. Our actual plan to present this machine in December 2020 at the WIRE Düsseldorf is no longer given due to the CORONA development and the associated cancellation of the WIRE.