Equipment for manufacture of P.C. strand

SKET supplies complete lines and the know-how necessary for the production of low-relaxation p.c. wire and strand. Armouring reinforcements of this type have proven themselves time and again in civil engineering applications. In particular they reinforce structural concrete elements such as those used in bridge building, self-supporting roofs and ceilings, water industry engineering projects and various high rise buildings.


Reliable and economic production

pc-2SRK 1+6×1120 and SRK 1+6×1250 skip stranders were developed first and foremost for the stranding of high-carbon, high-tensile steel wires. Processes including stranding, heat treatment and cooling, stretching and winding of finished dispatch coils are linked into a single technological production line. The machine is of the bow type without a tube. The tube, commonly used in many such machines, is replaced by two bows which rotate about the cradles. The strand is guided along the bows in a sinusoidal path. This design enables very high rotor speeds to be reached with resultantly high stranding speeds. The stretching gear consists of two separately driven haul-offs between which the strand is tensioned precisely. An inductive heating system serves to maintain the strand passing through at a constant preselected temperature. The heating control ensures a high hourly throughput of strand. A cooling system and fan, arranged to follow the heating system, cools down and dries the strand. Special technology employed during acceleration and slowing-down ensures a consistent quality of strand in all production phases. Finally the layer winding traverse system fitted to the coiler, together with adjustable and removable coiling flanges, ensures precise winding of the coil ready for despatch.The p.c. wire line is similar in principle. It can be supplied with a stationary wire pay-off or with an in-line straight-through wire drawing machine. Stretching is achieved via the last die pass in conjunction with a single-capstan haul-off. The line can be optionally supplied with coilers for the production of industry standard coils and/or with cutting-to-length and assembly equipment for the production of railway sleeper wires. The in-line layout of the technological processes ensures that factors essential to quality are observed in all phases of production. SKET equipment is so designed that as many component parts and machine assemblies as possible are maintenance- free for the service life of the complete system by virtue of materials selection and dimensioning.

Complete service from SKET

SKET specialists install, commission and optimise the performance of the machines which we supply. The design concept is such that it can be tailored to the individual requirements of the customer’s product range.A range of ancillary equipment is available to com-plement and complete the range of machines we offer including:

  • winders and coil-handling equipment
  • wire welding machines
  • wrapping equipment
  • steel strip binding machines for the finished coils

Our comprehensive after-sales service is carried out by skilled and experienced engineers quickly available through SKET’s international marketing network.

Technical Details

P.C. strand line

Maximum rotor speed, infinitely variable 800 rpm
Strand diameter range 6.4 – 22 mm
Maximum linear speed 150 m/min
Lay length range, infinitely variable 80 – 350 mm
Maximum stretching pull 240 kN
Heating output, to customers’ requirements 400 – 800 kW
Maximum coil weight 4,000 kg

P.C. wire line

Wire diameter range 3 – 9.4 mm
Maximum linear speed 300 m/min
Maximum stretching pull 40 kN
Heating output, to customers’ requirements 200 – 300 kW
Maximum coil weight 2,000 kg