Sep 2020 – SKET delivers a large high-speed tubular strander with a bull head

In September 2020, SKET will deliver a large high-speed tubular stranding machine with a bull head type SRW 12×800 + 1×1300 to a European steel rope manufacturer. On this machine multi-layer stranded ropes can be manufactured. The bull head is designed as a stable tube and is firmly connected to a “regular” stranding tube. This type of machine combines the advantage of straight guidance of the core strand in slow-running cage stranding machines with the advantage of the higher speed in order to achieve a higher production output with the same rope quality. As always, the machine will be installed and precommissioned at our company.

Some technical parameters of the machine:

  • Maximum rotor speed: 300 min-1
  • Maximum line speed: 70 m/min
  • Stranded materials: steel wire strands
  • Maximum rope diameter: approx. 30 mm
  • Required space: 65 x 8 m

Special features of the machine:

  • The spool (1300mm) for the core strand is arranged in the bull head, directly in front of the stranding point in a spool frame. This special position makes it possible to lead the core strand directly and in a straight way from the spool to the stranding point. This avoids the long way on the tube surface, with many friction points in the guide nipples and a hindrance to the rotation of the core strand as a result.
  • The spool cradle for the core strand in the bull head can be rotated electrically during production independently of the speed and direction of rotation of the stranding rotor. This makes it possible to influence the residual torsion of the core strand during the stranding process.
  • The core spool is braked by an electric motor.
  • Through the use of further developed components, it is possible for the rotor to move to its loading position more precisely and to define several stopping positions in the machine program without great effort, as required.


a short video of a SRW 24×315 + 1×630 bull head machine which has already been delivered