Jan 2015 - SKET Central Strander - the Renner in cable production - another order from a long standing customer

There are two meanings which can be applied to the German word "Renner" in relation to the Central Strander. On the one hand, translated as "Market Leader" it describes the undiminished demand for this machine system which has revolutionised cable production. On the other, in its literal sense, because of ...
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Feb 2015 - SKET receives another large order from Turkey

In recent years the company has been pleased to be able to regularly record a number of orders from Turkey. Turkish wire rope manufacturers in particular have purchased machinery and equipment from SKET Verseilmaschinenbau GmbH in Magdeburg. In Turkish wire rope works there are now more than twenty SKET stranding ...
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Mar 2015 - FIRST CLASS STRAND manufactured on SKET Drum Twisters

Our Company's product range embraces a wide range of machines and equipment for the manufacture of electric cable and steel wire rope. In addition to high-speed tubular stranding machines, cage-type stranding machines and central stranders, also included are drum twisters for the cable industry. In German, drum twisters are referred to ...
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Apr 2015 - SKET supplies one of the largest manufacturers of steel wire rope in Eastern Europe with the most up-to-date stranding technology for the production of elevator ropes

Last year, one of the largest producers of steel wire rope in Eastern Europe ordered stranding machine technology from SKET for the manufacture of elevator ropes. Now, in the middle of March 2015, SKET has already been able to successfully present the machine, a high-speed tubular stranding machine Type SRW ...
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May 2015 - Switzerland is famous not only for its banking system and its delicious chocolate ...

Everybody is talking about Switzerland, not only because of its banking system and its Alpine milk chocolate. Machinery and equipment and numerous other industrial goods "Made in Switzerland" enjoy a first class international reputation. Amongst these are cables and wire ropes manufactured in Switzerland; in particular wire ropes, in which ...
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